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Sone Institute

"Silver Leaves & Woolly Dreams" EP

Three Towers Recordings

Genre: experimental, DIY, psych

St. Albans, UK

October 2009

This beautifully adorned EP is a titillating relic from the weird-psych underground. I first encountered Sone Institute aka Roman Bezdyk in the form of his terrific contribution to the Dust Wind Tales label's inaugural compilation, and this curious artefact picks up where it left off. The record opens with the unbearably beautiful "Steps to the Sun (Part 2)," which is a mesmerizing amalgam of psych and post-rock that sounds like Tarwater's best moments distilled. "On Tree Hill," meanwhile, marries a sixties British Invasion organ sample to thrift-shop detritus and loungey schmaltz - the sort of thing you'd hear on mid-day WFMU. "London Heir" continues the exploits, employing scads of old skipping lounge records to conjure up a mystifyingly anachronistic atmosphere.

The remainder of the album continues with the uniquely intoxicating formula, its only misstep being the forgettable "Hobbyhorse." By the time the enchanting closer winds down, you'll be left breathless. Taken together, this far-too-brief EP is a terrific bit of home-recorded weirdness - despite its experimental nature, the entire thing is remarkably listenable and intensely original. Superlatives excused, Silver Leaves & Woolly Dreams is the most successful home-produced EP I've heard in ages.

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Michael Tau

[Vitals: 6 tracks, limted to 60 copies, distributed by the artist, released 2009]