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The 401

"Songs of Solomon" CD


Genre: pop/rock

Montreal, QC

November 2009

With song titles like "You Don't Even Know," "Hey Now," "Every Time I'm With You," and "On Fire," this could be the world's most generic band. These folks are like the misshapen spawn of a union between U2 and the American Pie 2 soundtrack, seamlessly inoffensive and hopelessly bland. Sure, these twelve songs have hooks and chiming guitars, but singer Roger Figueiredo's tween-dream scream is as exhausting as it is breathy, and the song writing is severely adequate and matched by equally mediocre performance. Seems the band garnered attention for Songs of Solomon by machinating an oblique campaign consisting of Lady GaGa remix videos, performed and posted by the band's seventeen year old drummer; if that doesn't tell you a thing or two about this record, I don't know what will. Unfortunately, no manner of gimmickry or dreamy-eyed front-cover posturing can save what amounts to a thoroughly regrettable flop; independent music needs more originality, not this bromidic, premeditated pop-rock.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, released 2009]