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"Vqarekk" b/w "Colour/Colour" 7"

Dirty Demos

Genre: IDM, electronic


November 2009

I'm really digging this slick 45 from Britain's Jason Kerley, who designs intense IDM works with the sort of rhythmic intricacy that would make AFX and Autechre proud. Side A houses the masterful "Vqarekk," whose very name is an indisputable homage to Warp Records. Here Kerley proves himself a proficient dabbler in effortlessly skittering beats and synth chicanery, setting the mood with some serious bass shreds. All in all, it's the sort of swell cut that'll churn any half-wit Squarepusher fan into a foot-tapping fervour. The flipside, "Colour/Colour," is less immediate (read: less melodic) but blessed with more incredible rhythms and some nice n' dirty analog synths. All in all, this is another fine outing for the criminally obscure Dirty Demos label, whose Guillaume Gargaud album previously turned up on Indieville's Best of 2008 list. Keep up the great work.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, ltd to 25 copies, distributed by the label, released 2009]