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Clara Lofaro and Denison George

"Love You More" single

ComeTrue Records / Vie Records

Genre: reggae-pop

Toronto, ON

November 2009

It's always dangerous to publicize a song as "the summer's sure hit single" on a press release, especially when the item in question is an independent release. Here, "pop-soul songstress" Clara Lofaro teams up with World Beat vocalist Denison George ("This Is Me") and Reggae producer Sidney Mills to compose a sunny pop/reggae crossover track. Everyone plays their part ostensibly; Lofaro handles her vocals with admirable diva-liciousness, and George interjects his little pieces of pseudo-rap. However, the song itself is flat and even lackadaisical, leaving the track unfortunately spiritless; meanwhile, the production is by-the-numbers, and neither singer brings the necessary punch to the composition. Lofaro et al may have envisaged you enjoying this track while soaking in the summer sun; unfortunately, right now all I'm soaking in is dissatisfaction. You could pay the inexcusable five bucks to get this sucker on CD, though I suggest just peeping the video below. One listen should be enough.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 1 track, distributed via CD Baby, released 2009]