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Down the Lees

"The Guest Room" CD


Genre: indie rock

Vancouver, BC

November 2009

Shades of Bettie Serveert and the Cranberries are evident on this fem-fronted indie rock effort from Laura Lee Schultz, a veteran performer on the Vancouver music scene. She's got all the right influences (Sunny Day Real Estate, PJ Harvey, Sebadoh), and her experience is evident in the level of polish found on The Guest Room. Unfortunately, the songwriting is sadly not up to par. Her songs are grungy and unfocused, and frequently veer into sheer homogeneity. Mopey "Alone on a Thursday" and uninteresting "Run to Toledo" come off as hackneyed and bland, while "On a Lie" lacks propulsion. Luckily, a few of Schultz's nuggets don't sink into mediocrity - particularly the taut hooks and drum machine plod of "Talk is Not Cheap" and the exquisite debauchery that is "Jekyl Hearts Hyde." At best, The Guest Room is inconsistent; at worst, bland and derivative.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the artist, released Nov 13, 2008]