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"Dandelions" CD


Genre: post-rock, electronic

Lausanne, Switzerland

November 2009

Merging post-rock and electronic music in a manner that reminds me of work by  Tortoise and Andrew Coleman (Animals on Wheels), Swiss innovator Vincent Verselle has concocted an engaging and expansive record with Dandelions. Given the tenuous nature of the self-released album, I wasn't certain what to expect from this homemade affair; fortunately, Verselle aka Seychal-Mills has designed a very listener-friendly album here.

Dandelions, though a tad understated, is a thoroughly melodious record. Verselle layers lush tunes over Tortoise-esque percussion and bass, evoking vivid atmospheres. The songs themselves employ lots of clean guitars and synths, adding samples for melody and texture. "Permafrost" is a prime example of Seychal-Mills at his best; it sets a pretty melody over a relaxed rhythm section, reaching pure bliss when the radiant, strummed guitar kicks in. Other splendid moments include "Weathervane" and its sweet, winsome melody, and the innovative rhythms of infectious "Montage."

Dandelions' main drawback - one that is commonly seen with post-rock releases - is that its repetitious, instrumental tracks have the propensity to wade gradually into the background of the listener's mind. Verselle's compositions are so seamless that they serve as excellent mood-setters, somewhat in the vein of professional neo-lounge artists. With that said, Dandelions has a lot more to recommend it than your typical "chillout" release, and Seychal-Mills' music is intrinsically more interesting than your average Quango compilation. As a result, one is encouraged to pay close attention to the nuances of these compositions; the attentive listener will inevitably be rewarded.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2007]