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Son of the Snake

"Fight or Die" EP


Genre: grunge, hard rock, indie rock

Venice, CA

November 2009

With the gritty abandon of Mudhoney and The Jesus Lizard, the hard rocking duo takes no prisoners on the grungy Fight or Die EP. A solemn guitar intro doesn't prepare the listener for the visceral mayhem that lies deeper within; armed only with guitars, drums, and rough vocals, these folks channel the spirit of decades worth of tinny basement bands, hopelessly rough around the edges but thriving on energy alone. I dig the passion and the tenacity, but the gravelly nature of this release doesn't make it the easiest record to listen to. "I Am" is pretty bad-ass, as is vitriolic "Enough Said," but aside from those moments when you desperately need to purge your anger, neither is the type of tune you'll find yourself casually craving. The best track is the unequivocally fiery "Doomed Behind the Lie," whose jagged torrent of guitars propels it to chaotic heights. Meanwhile, for those seeking something a tad more quaint, the EP's campfire closer, "Torso," is the sort of vaguely bluesy acoustic ballad that might pop up on a Soundgarden album. Fight Or Die is pretty gnarly stuff, but its durability is the principal question mark.

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Michael Tau

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2009]