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Dubbio Nil

"Seed, Fruit, Thorn" 3" CDR


Genre: experimental

Gainesville, FL

December 2009

This sixteen minute composition is rooted firmly in the ambient drone tradition, constructed largely around the sorts of expansive synth tones that get Steve Roach all itchy. Over the duration of Seed, Fruit, Thorn, Dubbio Nil's Loren Knack segues through several distinct timbres and textures, ranging from radiant keyboard drone to understated, pedal-based noise. Although confined to one audio track on the CDR, the piece is divided into three distinct parts -- strangely, these segments are not intended to represent the Seed, the Fruit, and the Thorn, but are instead organized according to some other, unspecified context. The first chapter is a resplendent, keyboard-based journey to the centre of the Sun, while the second is an unsettling bit of machinelike industrialism. But Knack retains the best moment for last -- the track's final section leads the listener into what sounds like a digital forest, with lugubrious synths and audio of rainfall providing a woods-like feel. Amid the unmistakably naturalistic sound, digital thunder claps add menace to the brew. Ultimately, it's a solid finish to a striking experimental release.

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Michael Tau

[Vitals: 1 track, distributed by the label, released 2009]