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Stillbirth / Prurient

"The Mirror of Purification" split 7"

Semata Productions

Genre: experimental, noise

Roxybury Crossing, Ma / Providence, RI

December 2009

Prurient we all know, of course, so there isn't much sense in reiterating Dominick Fernow's history, although Stillbirth is a new project for me - turns out it's the solo outlet of Luke Moldof, who also runs the Razors and Medicine label. This split features brief recordings by both acts, and comes skilfully packaged in a attractively minimal, limited edition sleeve.

Stillbirth's track is a haunting portrait of doom and gloom - a chilling, dark miasma is established, over which abrasive noise spells and facsimile church bells are hoisted. It's ominous stuff that toys with noise but doesn't revel in harshness - perfectly suited to noise-o-philes or just those obsessed with atmosphere in music. Meanwhile, Fernow's brief composition deviates from the blistering abrasion I'm accustomed to from him - granted, I haven't heard much of his work over the last year or so - and instead revels in a strange whirlpool of demonic speaking, pained moaning, repeated synths, and what sounds like a metal chain being pulled off its spool. The lyrics themselves are sardonic and damning, when intelligible. Though fleeting, this split is a splendid affair, even if it's a tad understated.

Prurient live:

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2009]