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Torturing Nurse

"Fist a Sickle / Destruction Output" CS

Haute Magie

Genre: noise

Shanghai, China

December 2009

Shanghai's Torturing Nurse take no prisoners with their brand of noxious, gnarled noise. Chaos abounds in this impulsive mess of guitar feedback and irate yelling - I can't be sure what has set this trio off, but they sure are incensed. I'm most partial to the old-school, industrial sheet of noise that is the B-side, "Destruction Output," which is all buried in a mangling of pedal warfare. Deep in the haze of white noise, one hears large-scale, mechanical contorting - something peeking up from deep within the oblivion. I'm imagining the sounds of machines gone awry, a whole factory of epic technological malfunction. Though "Destruction Output" spares us the screaming, "Fist a Sickle" features vocals prominently. Whoever's the one bellowing is quite an epic grouch, although his frustration is matched quite harmoniously by the sputtering, slicing guitar fury. This composition is more jagged than its tapemate, more suited to a cathartic writhe n' spasm. With their name rapidly becoming ubiquitous in noise circles, Torturing Noise justify all the hype on this impressive racket. (MT)

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[Vitals: distributed by the label, released 2009]