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"Fonok" CD

Indies Scope


Parubdice, Czech Republic

January 2010

I can't discern what they're singing about (the lyrics are entirely in Czech), but it sure sounds like this sunny boy-girl duo are having fun. This rather lengthy, fifteen-track album is a pretty, jazzy, electronic-flushed pop adventure that passes by dandily in fumes of optimism and whimsy. Lead singer Jenna has a terrific voice for this busy, colourful episode -- sort of a Diamanda Galas-esque juxtaposition of huskiness and femininity. The music is rounded out by electronic rhythms and loops merged with organic instruments like guitar, saxophone, clarinet and melodica. The resulting combination often yields moments of sheer bliss, as on cheery, momentous highlight "Disko Cirkús" and jumpy, jazzy "Három Kérom." Often the music branches out a little into hip-hop, most notably on "Krieliškaj" and "Dua Dua." Other tracks are joyfully playful and more than a little catchy - for example the scat-like vocals and jubilant horns of "Pingu Hop."

I consider myself lucky to have unearthed this strangle little creature from the Czech Republic - it isn't often a North American critic gets a crack at material such as this. Czech lyrics be damned, DVA's Fonok is ultimately a stunning pop record that's both stylistically distinct and charmingly catchy.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 15 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]