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"Consuetudines" CD

Malignant Records

Genre: dark ambient, industrial ambient, noise

Leipzig, Germany

January 2010

From the industrial end of dark ambient music comes this menacing, reverberating passage of sinister atmosphere. Leipzig, Germany's Hyios is a talented one-man noise-maker, and on Consuetudines he brandishes an inspired army of electronic ambiance and expansive field recordings, evoking familiar adjectives such as hellish, cavernous, and subterranean. Indeed, this is a definitively cave-like record; its tracks boast a grisly, hollow rumble adorned with the echoing, mechanical sounds of, perhaps, underground excavation equipment. A potent mood-setter that might have been the score to The Descent, the disc's most intoxicating portions come when Hyios toys with ebbing layers of sound -- the elevator-to-Hell of "Algor" and multi-textured "Aquila" are fine examples of devilish excellence, and accordingly deserve to played loudly through good speakers. As his musical style and MySpace page attest to, Hyios idolizes ambient hero Lustmord, and fans of Brian Williams' more industrial exploits will find solace in the demonic whir of Consuetudines. All in all, a solid debut from the brooding ambient scene.

hyios' myspace

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2009]