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june 2010

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"Remains" CDR

Isolated Now Waves

Genre: experimental

Vancouver, BC

January 2010

This solo project from Shearing Pinx's J(eremy)V Dub churns out seven droning, textural compositions which range from lush ambient work ("End of the Shuffle," intergalactic/Biosphere-esque "Point of Reason") to antsy abrasion (pedal feedback delight "Uni Versace," squally "Loyal to None"). It's hard to get a hold on the instruments used, though there appear to be several effects pedals as well as assorted samples of radio speech, melodic detritus and the ilk. This album is a marvellous trip, though it's the more expansive, quieter epics which truly reign king -- fortunately these comprise the majority of the CDR. As is the case with these sorts of obscuro limited-editions, it's difficult to contend that Mr. Dub has produced something truly original here, as many similar and even indistinguishable 'drone/experimental/noise' releases exist out there; this isn't so much about the breaking of new ground as it is concerned with tweaking and perfecting auditory tropes that have already been established. With that said, the skilled Mongst has contributed a worthy bit of atmospheric exploration with Remains, and at moments like the spacious cosmic drift of "Tribal Flames", one can't help but feel JV Dub has really got on to something here. Recommended.

mongst's myspace

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 7 tracks, ltd to 33 or 47 copies, depending on who you ask, distributed by the label, released 2009]