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Noetinger Doneda eRikm

"Dos D'ânes" CD


Genre: free improv, experimental electronic

Marseille, France

January 2010

The listener encounters some respectable credentials on this tripartite collaboration between electroacoustic composer (and Metamkine owner) Jérôme Noetinger, saxophonist Michel Doneda, and electronic artist/avant-DJ eRikm. I feel MIMEO, that large-scale ensemble of which Noetinger was a part, is an astute reference point for pinpointing these three tracks, which employ an abstract combination of electronic noises and free sax-playing, as well as a significant amount of negative space. The emphasis here is on changing passages of sound, with each composition varying greatly throughout its duration. Twenty minute opener "Grandeur Nature" (translated: "full-scale") is exemplary in this sense; jump around from spot to spot on the track, and you'll encounter an eclectic and seemingly unconnected array of timbres, textures, and dynamics. At one point we hear a tortured sax gasping for air above a noxious electronic haze; skip ahead and it's mind-numbing, high-pitched sine waves crossed with randomized blips and puts; earlier on, glimpse liquid saxophone amid a crisp rain shower (a recurring motif, as the cover confirms).

Dos D'ânes is a provocative work of experimental electronic improvisation. At the forefront is Doneda's sax playing, which is curiously inspired, and quite often verging on unidentifiable. Noetinger and eRikm accompany the sax playing skillfully, their playful, spasmodic kookery sometimes playing the part of background ambiance, but at other fine times joyfully weaving and toying with Doneda's reedy utterances. Reserved for those moments where one craves a hectic sonic challenge, this record rewards the brave listener.

Jérôme Noetinger at work:

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 3 chansons, distributed by the label, released 2009]