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"Noise Re YackY" 3" CDR

Hikikomori Records

Genre: noise, experimental

Osaka, Japan

January 2010

Osaka's busiest man, Norihito Kodama, released fifteen Discogs-accredited records in 2009 alone an impressive surge from a scene newbie. This latest miniature disc comes from the fledgling Hikikomori label, a counter-intuitively Danish label that takes its name from a Japanese social phenomenon in which afflicted individuals withdraw entirely from society. I'm not sure how all that confusing muddle fits together, but this brief recording certainly shows evidence of a sound-crazy individual.

NRYY's six tracks range widely in terms of content, but maintain a constant devotion to the noisy and abrasive. Its most vicious passage is the devilish "Insect in Headphones," which messes about with treble-heavy feedback noise and general screech n' squall; aggravate neighbours and roommates alike! Expert "Mischief of Evil Crumb Crust," meanwhile, uses a sample of crusty scraping to design a nifty little bit of atmospheric industrial sound. On the more original (or, at least, novel) end of matters comes several tracks which revel in a more "songlike" demeanour. Among these are the folk-cum-metal-cum-noise triumph "Kiss" and sinister "Psycho Romance," which builds a chaotic (and occasionally even rhythmic) noise symphony around a twinkly music-box melody. Meanwhile, disc highlight "Wind & Cloud" destructs a traditional-ish melody with power chords and unceasingly contorting white noise accompaniment.

I always enjoy when a noise artist ventures into different realms of sound; notions of melody and rhythm need not run against noise music's grains, and here NRYY explores a curious intersection between song and abrasion. I'm looking forward to Kodama's future exploits, which, if nothing else, promise surely to be plentiful.

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"Psycho Romance":

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2009]