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june 2010

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Pål Asle Pettersen

"Spor..." CD

Zang Records

Genre: indie rock


January 2010

How about this: a CD reissue of a 2002 Humbug Records (R.I.P.) eight-inch record that was limited to 20 copies, now out on Pettersen's very own Zang imprint. Seems we've really created a winding legacy behind us on the experimental music scene. Naturally, Spor... is a brief trip, with each of its twelve tracks hovering around the one minute mark. Some of the compositions mine the atmospheric, ambient end of matters -- like the subterranean drone of "Spor 2" and the distant electric hum of "Spor 4" and "Spor 10" -- but the main emphaiss is on more disjointed, spasmodic, digitally-manipulated sample craziness. This ranges from the Pole-esque static crackle of "Spor 1" to the more hectic sample-torture witnessed on "Spor 11" and "Spor 12," the latter producing a manic junk ambiance like a bull in a Toys "R" Us. I'm not sure how this multi-segmented record was put together, as "source material" is mentioned but hardly elaborated on, though there seems to be a recurring percussive clatter of hard objects colliding against other hard objects. I'll admit I had a bit of trouble getting into this rather off-the-wall release, but once I delved in I found it to be an intriguingly impulsive, cacophonous, and enthusiastic recording.

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Michael Tau

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2009]