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Seijiro Murayama

"Solos" CD


Genre: experimental

Paris, France

January 2010

Former Fushitsusha drummer and long-time KK NULL collaborator (in duo ANP) Murayama brings us this intriguing, professionally-pressed CD of solo work, employing only a snare drum and (maybe) a cymbal throughout. Given the instrumental limitations, this is a pretty minimal expedition as far as diversity of sound goes; but it is nevertheless a fascinating instrument study. The first of four indecipherable titles, "Ssev: opens this album up with a confrontational ten minutes of snare-scrubbing. By vigorously rubbing the drum's innards, Murayama produces a vast, hollow soundscape which transcends the mere noise of him sawing away at his instrument. "Auci," meanwhile, is a sparser rattle, this time constructed of the quixotic pops and clops of drumsticks on drum; it's got the randomized bubbling of a popcorn machine, though lacks the full-bodied flavour -- file under cacophony. "Lbtt" is more of a shifty, scratchy racket than its spiritual cousin, "Ssev," but the real fun comes in the seventeen minute final track, "Ejie." Here the listener is treated to the endlessly proliferating reverberation of what sounds like a resonating cymbal, with a distant snare sifting away in the background. It's a droning, seemingly endless hum that has a bizarre windy element to it -- like a mutant didgeridoo. I'm not sure how exactly its sounds were produced, but it's an easy pick for the disc's high point in my book. All around, though, Solos is a curious and intoxicating affair.


Michael Tau

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the label, released Nov 2009]