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The Three Potato 4

"Album Savant" CDR

Series Two

Genre: lo-fi, pop, psychedelia

San Francisco, CA

January 2010

San Franciscan attorney Ryan Kittleman cuts strange, lo-fi psych-pop songs in his free time, and Album Savant is the result of nine months spent industriously recording. The result is a record with positive moments, but one that is bogged down by its creator's inexperience. Ergo, while this is a decently-tuned DIY nugget, most listeners will be expecting something crisper and more outwardly engaging.

The album begins with the cluttered psychedelia of "Heather's Feather," whose reverb-heavy vocals, synthesized strings, and chintzy keyboard bells spell out a mediocre song blessed with melody but devoid of punch. It's the sort of track that would have worked much better with a full band and a professional recording studio; as-is, it isn't bad, though one can't help but feel it should be a lot better. This sentiment is echoed in the rest of the album, which occasionally shows promise, but seldom transcends its limitations. Its flaws range from outright flops ("Let Yourself Know," singularly wretched harpsichord 'ballad' "Victory") to decent tracks with misfortunate issues (the abysmal faux-turntables scratches of "It'll Be Morning," I'm looking at you). There are few lo-fi pop fans as tolerant as I, but I simply can't enjoy Album Savant.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released March 2009]