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Endometrium Cuntplow / N.R.Y.Y.

Split CDR

Silent Novels

Genre: noise 'r' us

Northridge, CA / Osaka, Japan

February 2010

Silent Novels' Norihito Kodama (N.R.Y.Y.) keeps things minimal, packaging-wise, which I suppose is more or less a requirement when you're regularly churning out dozens of split-releases in editions of fifteen copies. Yet despite it being one of many, many, many discs Kodama has cranked out in the past few months, this split is a respectably solid affair, juxtaposing Endometrium Cuntplow's gradual passages of pedal noise with N.R.Y.Y.'s more spastic and wacky approach to chaos.

Taking a roll down David Lucien Matheke's (EC's sole member) street can be a pretty harrowing affair, as is evident right from his precisely-titled first track, "092420091457," which charges through shifting hazes of atmospheric noise sided by stray electronic signals and assorted accoutrements. But, as I've learned from other releases of his, the listener is often in for a treat -- Matheke brings a premeditated dynamism to his performances that helps keep one engaged throughout. His two improvisations on this split are well-constructed adventures which toy around with industrial themes and no shortage of abrasion, but it's the plowing electricity of the second track which provides a satisfyingly cathartic climax.

N.R.Y.Y.'s contributions are overtly more disjointed than their discmates, and it doesn't take long for that notion to surface. "BE-BOP- heigh school" (I didn't name it) implements, in order, a jazzy drum beat, a passage of ripping harsh noise, and a torrent of outrageously manic electronic scissors and blips -- all in the first three minutes. Cohesion be damned, it's an impressively out-there trip, and one that doesn't settle down throughout. I especially like N.R.Y.Y.'s familiar trope of meshing noise with otherwise traditional musical elements, as on BE-BOP's toasty percussive motif, which at one point bends magnificently under the weight of noise rapture. "Filter," meanwhile, is perhaps a bit more "normal" as far as experimental music goes, sticking largely to the contortion of a tasty strip of abrasive noise.

To conclude -- here is a juicy chunk of occasionally wacky noise from these two recently prolific outlets of sound. And with only a scant fifteen copies to speak of, one mustn't dawdle!

endometrium cuntplow's myspace / n.r.y.y.'s myspace

Endometrium Cuntplow in (live) action:

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 4 tracks, limited to 15 copies, distributed by the label, released 2009]