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Allein Luddite

Self-titled C40

Teen Action Records

Genre: the sounds of objects


March 2010

France's Olivier Dumont, whose sole other release under the 'Allein Luddite' banner is a 2009 CDR on the Ambolthue label, uses this five track cassette to carefully explore the sounds produced by several instruments of sound – a water pipe, an unconventionally-played guitar, a “scraper and rod,” and some metal sheets. Each instrument is allotted its own composition (though the guitar gets two), meaning the listener becomes very familiar with each sonic platform.

My favourite piece on this tape is the very self-descriptive "Water Pipe." Whereas the other tracks feature metallic equipment more closely associated with industrial rumblings, this composition is a unique study in liquid gurgles and frothy squeaks. Compositionally, it isn't brilliant, but it is a fascinating passage of sound from a textural standpoint. Elsewhere, Dumont's two guitar tracks tread the same ground as insane junk guitarist Brian Ruryk, pushing the boundaries of the guitar by utilizing varied textures – he experiments with prepared guitar and also appears to use a bow. The second of the two tracks is my favourite due to its no-holds-barred urgency, which drops the listener helpless into its craggy inferno of noise. Meanwhile, “Metal Sheets” toys smartly with negative space and percussive attack-and-decay. Try playing it at high-speed for an added layer of amusement. Altogether, Allein Luddite's artifact is a curious cassette that explores sound for the joy of it. It's perfect for those of us who walk around particularly attuned to the sounds wisping around us.

N.B. Comes packaged in a jiggly rubber sleeve and limited to a scant fifty copies.

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2010]