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june 2010

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Antigua Ibis

"Visages of Tlaloc" C26

Rotifer Cassettes

Genre: fleeting images amid murk

Gainesville, FL

March 2010

Abstract sonic muddle and field recordings collide on this very limited collaboration between Rotifer head David Toro and Vanishing Hour Revival kingpin Evan Galbicka. I couldn't tell you how they concocted this garbled adventure, partly because the whole thing is buried in a thick lo-fi haze. One struggles to sort out the nuances of the sound, although choice elements pop out here and there an old ship creaking against waves, synthesizer tones amid the carnage, tribal woodwinds, faraway birds chirping... it's strangely soothing, oddly magical stuff, the sort of bizarre sound sculpting that tapes were made for. A dark room and attentive ears are all that's required to let this whirling fog roll over you.

Michael Tau

[Vitals: limited to 35 copies, distributed by the label, released 2010]