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june 2010

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Henning Schmiedt

"Wolken" CD


Genre: solo piano meandering


March 2010

Airy piano compositions comprise the entirety of Henning Schmiedt's Wolken, which sees the German composer move fluidly through several elegant compositions designed to make your living room that extra bit more welcoming. I may never pick this album up to listen to it on its own, but it makes for fantastic, non-intrusive accompaniment to a quiet evening of reading, writing, or entertaining friends. Sweet melodies become subtly apparent on touching “Wolke Drei” and pensive “Wolke Acht,” each composition employing a restful loveliness that seems to massage the sulci of the listener's brain. Schmiedt's approach to playing is casual and often playful, transitioning loosely from one mood to the next, and it is this skilled calmness that renders Wolken so addictively charming. It's a welcome break from the noise of the times.

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"Wolke Drei" live:

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2009]