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june 2010

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Dante & The Lobster

"Wonders" C40

Moon Glyph

Genre: haze of guitars n' stars

Minneapolis, MN

April 2010

Like any good expansive, prog-laced, psychedelic rock album, the story of Dante & the Lobster's (wondrously decorated) Wonders is a tale of guitars. These folks aren't going to blow your mind with their vocals – which range from serviceable to weak (and lurk consistently low in the mix) – but they do construct rollicking, head-bouncing guitar songs that are worth bopping along to. The juicy hooks of “Wake Up” and aqua-themed “Marine Life” are fine examples of the band at its catchy peak, where chunky guitar chords hog the foreground. Pop hooks seem to come easily to them, though the band truly finds its form on the tape's blistering instrumental passages, where the guitars attain wily freedom – as on the luscious soloing of “Little Dipper” or the intoxicating, acid-drenched groove of “Girl with Weird Eyes.” The band also slows things down on occasion – a necessary reprieve – as on the keyboard-tinged “Treading” and slow burn-out “The Mirage,” though their most noteworthy moments are those where they lose themselves in joy of their songs. All this excitement combines to make one hell of a C40.

dante & the lobster's myspace

"Marine Life" live:

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2009]