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june 2010

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"Transcontinental" EP


Genre: glistening, souring electro pop

Los Angeles / London

April 2010

Just rescued this one from the bin of no return, and I'm certainly glad I did. My enthusiasm is largely reserved for track number three of five, a positively blissful bit of synth-pop entitled “Buried,” which collects some of the best attributes of the fantastic yet under-exposed 12 Rods. It boasts a riveting vocal melody which titillates from verse to chorus, accompanied by wistful synthesizer waves which exude a terrific summer vibe. Also solid is “Finally Human,” which is less lush but led by a solid electro-pop chorus to stomp along to. Meanwhile, “Irreversible” is promising yet uncoordinated – lacking focus, perhaps – while “Hot Nights” is exuberant and funky (and steeped in disco falsetto) but a tad light on lasting appeal. Only generic teenage whiner “Psycho Somatica” really untidies the bed, with its mopey aesthetic and uncharacteristic lack of hooks. Either way, this band is worth a look for “Buried” alone; though the other songs, mostly above average, provide a strong supporting cast.

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"Buried" live:

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2009]