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"Layers" CD


Genre: glitch

Minsk, Belarus

April 2010

Belarus' Vitaly Harmash has been experimenting with sound since the mid-90s, although his debut album under the I/Dex label only came out in 2003, on Andrey Kiritchenko's excellent Nexsound label. If my first-hand report is anything to go by, that record, Seqsextend, was an exceptionally impressive debut – it took glitch music to melodic highs, a formula that Harmash has continued on this sophomore release.

Of course, layers are important in most music – popular music, especially – though in electronic music that sentiment is amplified and made considerably more overt. However, the glitch genre isn't as transparent a layer-user as the progressive house or trance scenes are, which makes this album's title a bit of a surprise. Layers does, of course, implement multiple levels of sound, and these work in synergy on tracks like busily rhythmic “Cene” and mesmerizing “Enthod.” However, my preferred compositions are those which imbue the glitch formula with profound, ethereal melodiousness – those pristine highs which include “Lanthen” and “Tentle.” On these excellent moments, Harmash exudes an Oval-like beauty, constructing glorious micro-symphonies out of clippy ambient tones and atmospheric electronic detritus. Fortunately, these breezy, evocative moments comprise the majority of Layers, which rolls by breezily with nods to Fennesz and Fourcolor.

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Michael Tau

[Vitals: 9 tracks, distributed by the label, released Oct 2009]