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june 2010

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Ogo Dys

"Iulpius Dyn" CDR

Studio Vimanas

Genre: Gongo Boinho


April 2010

Here comes more whimsical prog-rock from elusive Swede Magnus Lundberg. If Google's anything to go by, I appear to be the main online source of information about his goings-on – a strange state of affairs, seeing as his music is both delightfully vibrant and remarkably accessible. Expect no less with colourful Iulpius Dyn, whose progressive lunacy owes as much to Danny Elfman as it does King Crimson or Gong. Unlike some of his past releases, this albumette is completely instrumental, allowing the keyboards and guitar some deserved limelight. Lundberg shines brilliantly on this record's nine minute finale, a momentous, multi-staged adventure led by a distorted guitar part and filled out with an ominous bassline, spirited drumwork, and juicy organ playing. The composition is sufficiently melodic, but hooks take a backseat to dynamics, the whole thing boasting an exaggerated dramaticism, somehow persistently reminiscent of work by Oingo Boingo. Opener “Unuo Floro” is also exceptional, led principally by resplendent synthesized horns, whereas “Transiro” provides most blissful gloom.

Ogo Dys is not an easy man to get a hold of – email appears to be the only confirmed method of contact with him – but the sonically curious would be wise to obtain Iupius Dyn. It's a lo-fi treasure – a tad unpolished, no doubt, but vibrating with musicianship and soul.

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2009]