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june 2010

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"Untitled Drones for Iron Oxide" C30

2:00AM Tapes

Genre: regal drone

Boston, MA

April 2010

This somewhat cleverly titled half-hour is immediately resplendent, Boston's Benjamin Rossignol working in dense, shimmering drones that seem to radiate outwards from their thin magnetic housing. The journey on side A is marvellous, momentous, and infinitely listenable art, the sort of piercing ambience that evokes night-time cityscapes and entrancing shadow forms. At its core is a stunning organ tone which is skilfully teased and tethered about, making for fifteen minutes of unadulterated sonic hypnosis. Side B, meanwhile, is a more sinister jaunt, designed around a sharp, electro-metallic timbre that cuts along amid a haze of electronic atmospherics and physical chicanery. It's a mesmeric, ethereal tidbit, not as entrancing as its converse, yet nevertheless astutely becoming (for experimental music enthusiasts, that is.) Between the two untitled drones on this iron oxide strip, Ophibre's left me with a serious case of I-wonder-what-else-he's-done.

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[Vitals: distributed by the label, released 2010]