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june 2010

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"Horses" C20

2:00AM Tapes

Genre: indie rock

Wilmington, DE

April 2010

Mike Haley, the mastermind behind the exceedingly prolific 905 Tapes imprint, provides twenty minutes of ample, blocky noise slaughter here, its title potentially deriving from the virtual torrent of hoof-stomps evoked by its mass. It's rough but entrancing stuff, based around standard issue pedal effects and that ilk Haley's chaos throbs, wails, buzzes, and romps; over its two sides, which are basically comprised of one improvisation that's been artificially halved, he craftily zonks the listener out with a hefty dose of psychotic, unpredictable thrashing. I'll admit horses weren't the first thing I thought of while blasting this sucker out, as I'm more inclined to imagine a mine cart thundering out of control, or some sort of electric-industrial disaster, but hey: noise is subjective. And this lively, mangled stuff certainly leaves the listener with plenty to rollick along to. Better yet, like some of my favourite noise releases, it's chunky and abrasive without being oppressive. Well played, Mr. Haley.

Read an Indieville interview with Mike Haley here.

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Michael Tau

[Vitals: distributed by the label, released 2010]