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june 2010

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Genre: dented and debauched garage punk mania

Chicago, IL

May 2010

It's a cliché to dissect the opening few seconds of an album, but the gristly, distorted three-chord guitar riff that kicks this barrage off seems to encapsulate LUX so perfectly. With punk guile and scummy revelry, Disappears converts this record into an abandonless romp of messy proportions, fuelled by grimy rock carnage and more than a little raucous swagger. This evokes empty cans of PBR crushed against foreheads, sweaty auto dealership tees, and merrily rediscovered next-day photographs of faces absorbed in that fine state of ecstasy that accompanies only the most debauched dancefloor bacchanal.

I know -- how is this record on Kranky? That a reasonable question, certainly, but don't expect any expansive solos or abstract soundscapes here; not one of LUX's ten songs reaches four minutes, and five are under three. Indeed, Disappears' four gents get their point across with the brash concision of a tricycle meeting a tractor trailer. Look no further than "Magics," the record's longest and finest outing. Grungy riffs are slotted into a delicious, Evergreen-esque groove which picks up momentum before unleashing some deftly soaring guitar highs. All the while, the rhythm section slams along, giving heads and feet a tasty structure to bomp along to. It's raunchy, restless fun, and like the best tracks on LUX, all the ruffled energy is swabbed with simple yet potent hooks. The same formula rears its attractive face on frantic "Pearly Gates," tense "LUX," and nihilistic "Gone Completely." On the other hand, late-album nuggets "Little Ghost" and "No Other" work with slower, plodding rhythms, shedding some of the band's zippy enthusiasm in favour of a more burnt-out sound, centred around wearied vocals and satisfying guitar crunch. But whether Disappears are tearing it up or sending it off, there's enough here to render any spirited fun-lover drenched in sweat.

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"Magics" performed live:

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released April 20, 2010]