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june 2010

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Flesh Coffin

"Headcase" CS


Genre: construction zone noise


May 2010

The charmingly named Flesh Coffin moniker represents the noise outlet of the exceedingly prolific Andreas Brandal, whose recent productivity is putting just about everyone else to shame. I imagine him marching feverishly alongside a massive assembly line of workers twiddling pedals and manipulating cassettes, him yelling feverishly, "We need five new tapes out by Tuesday!" On Headcase, we get noise music of the atmospheric variety, muddled with various field recordings to a delightfully spacious effect. I am especially fond of the clattering fourth track, which blends standard effects pedal rumble with the mechanical clink-clank of a construction zone. It's a satisfying and roomy piece of music, great in that it transcends the typical harsh noise oeurve for a more vivid, live approach. This formula is repeated throughout the disc, as on rattly "II" and scraping, metallic "V," while evocative "III" largely pockets the pedal noise in favour of some swell industrial clunkin' &' crankin'. The overall effect is something like walking through a multi-roomed factory of sorts, but endowed with a more demonic edge.

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Michael Tau

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2010]