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june 2010

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Gape Attack!

"Burn This City" b/w "Down Down/What Are You?" 7"

Skrot Up / FDH Records

Genre: intergalactic post-punk murk

Seattle, WA

May 2010

I dug Gape Attack!'s last tape, and this quick single brings further treasures, but the approach is more buried in lo-fi obscuration. Side A's lone cut, "Burn This City," is a ragged post-punk heap which has its foundation in a goth-esque synth riff, distant guitar licks, and tormented vocal abstraction. It's evil, intergalactic mania. But Side B is considerably more titillating. Here we've got "Down Down," which begins with a demonic bit of backtracked human speech before launching into macabre Joy Division-esque bass guitar turgidity, obfuscated blathering, and some good ol' underground-eighties keys. It's a hearty warm-up for the record's true treasure, "What Are You?," which sets more unintelligible vocals to a propulsive, snare-heavy drum machine rhythm and some downright wicked synth melodics. Buried in lo-fi fuzz, it's the record's most sensible and convincing moment, concluding a truly delightful DIY post-punk treat.

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"Down Down":

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2010]