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june 2010

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Company Fuck

"Wobble Unwind" 7"

Hirntrust Grind Media

Genre: music obliteration


June 2010

When Company Fuck warns that “[n]obody is safe from the CxFx treatment,” he isn't just referring to listeners, but the canon of music in general. This eventful yellow disc runs the gamut from sinister metal riffs to Culture Club, all carried out with a brash, spastic noise attitude. The sum result is a delectable little treasure, astutely exemplifying CF's trashy, maudlin platform.

Side A begins with some scraping experimental electronic glitchery before descending into harsh noise, mercilessly mutilated eighties music, egregious blast-beat mayhem, and assorted sampled tomfoolery. For dessert, the intrepid listener is treated to an earnest Boy George begging, “do you really want to hurt me??” as he fends off a persistent barrage of aggro vocals and infinity-BPM beats. The b-side supplies more straight-up noisecore/digi-grind, mangling heavy metal riffs and guttural vocals under a torrent of propulsive, breakneck digital beats. Enter sinister sound clips and you've got a spirited blast that's worthy of generous volume knob patronage. Record ends with a locked groove which, if you're a lazy ass like me, is both a blessing and a curse. Tasty stuff.

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CF live in Berlin:

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2010]