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june 2010

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Fjord Rowboat

"Under Cover of Brightness" CD


Genre: reverb-heavy space rock

Toronto, ON

June 2010

I enjoyed Fjord Rowboat's debut, though was taken slightly aback by its homogeneity and derivativeness. With Under Cover of Brightness, it's clear the troupe has been listening to a lot of Catherine Wheel, and the result is a tight, eventful record's worth of spacey rock music. But this time around, I'm not as bothered by what they've borrowed, mainly because they've powered their songs with impeccable pop hooks and blazing, dynamic instrumentation. For proof, look no further than track number one, "Even You Out," which slings a gloriously reverberating vocal melody through CW guitar soars and a Minus The Bear-esque bassline/rhythm section. And there are plenty of other swell rockers to zone out to -- most notably the Spiritualized-tinged "We Are on Time" (and its magnificent bridge) and, in what might be the album's most toe-tappingly taut moment, "We Both Know." Meanwhile, album closer "Set Your Sights" strikes the perfect balance between slick reverb and lip-licking melody. Yes, Fjord Rowboat play poppy space-rock, and yes, you've heard it all before. But hey -- it's catchy, and I like it. Don't judge.

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"Even You Out"

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the band, released June 15 2010]