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Control Escape

"Generation of Waste" CD

Weasel Land Records

Genre: pop / rock, indie pop, lo-fi

Aug 7 2008

Last we heard from indie popster Ken Adam, he had put out a solo record under the tasteful moniker Poop Yer Pants, which Indieville reviewed quite favourably. Well, that was three years ago, and since then he's teamed up with co-vocalist Peapod and drummer Chuck Raniewicz to form Control Escape.

Heavily influenced by Pavement's carefree and culturally sardonic demeanor, this trio creates melodic lo-fi songs that are sadly a tad inconsistent. While some songs on Generation of Waste are tight, infectious pop moments (dark and folky "Luxury," elegant popper "Snow (No Angels)"), others fall down flat (abysmal "The Breakdown," bland and too-long "Back on the Drugs")

Generation of Waste's lyrical content is primarily concerned with the young American lifestyle, taking jabs at McDonalds, the daily 9-to-5, backpacking to Europe, and of course the war on Iraq. At times, the songs lapse into a level of triteness only a Grade 9 art teacher would laud ("The Breakdown," "Generation of Waste.") It seems to me that Ken Adam is better at writing pop hooks than lyrics, though occasionally he sparks up an interesting idea - "Animals Will Hurt You" is pleasantly unconventional, and "We Went to Ireland" is a victory in twentysomething storytelling.

As it stands, Generation of Waste is slightly above average singer/songwriter fare from Control Escape. Mark Adam knows how to write a decent pop song, although he has a little trouble sifting his inspired songs from his less groundbreaking moments. Although musically, nothing here breaks the mould in terms of originality, pop devotees will have plenty to hum along to.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]