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Eux Autres

"Cold City" CD

Happy Happy Birthday To Me

Genre: indie pop

Aug 5 2008

Hooray for good pop music! Despite their Parisian moniker, brother sister duo Eux Autres hail from Portland, although they do occasionally sing in French. Their first album was recorded by Quasi's Saltzman and Weiss and released by Montreal's Grenadine Records, and this sophomore full-length comes via Athens, GA superindie Happy Happy Birthday To Me.

Using relatively simple arrangements - guitar, drums, vocals, and occasionally keyboards - they've mastered the art of breezy, infectious indie pop music. Cold City is packed tight with lush choruses and hum-worthy hooks, as is best evidenced on album highlights "Molly" and "Graceful Exit." To me, these songs have a prettiness that is close in spirit to Canada's Young & Sexy; their songs only occasionally rev up the guitars (francophone "Gratte-Ciel," "The Town that Never Ends"), and they make great use of the dynamics between Heather's cute voice and Nicholas' tunefully masculine singing. At the same time, they also exude a youthful energy not distant from the better parts of Boyracer's discography - this is best exemplified in the zippy guitars and "da-da-das" of "Park Bench Vacation." And to top if off, they also know their way around a dreary pop number: "Anne Boleyn" may be slow, but it's still majestically lovely.

Eux Autres have added to the HHBTM's recent string of success (Keith John Adams) with Cold City. This is a remarkably well-assembled pop album that fits among 2007's best indie releases.

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youuuuuuuutube!: "anne boleyn" video

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, 31:21, distributed by the label, released 2007]