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The Goslings

"Grandeur of Hair" CD

aRCHIVE recordings

Genre: drone metal

Aug 5 2008

And the Goslings return with their best album yet. There's a reason this Floridian duo, comprised of husband and wife Max and Leslie Soren, have become such highly regarded noise purveyors - and this devastatingly powerful yet strangely melodic album makes that point clearly enough. Having enlisted a number of friends to help out with Grandeur of Hair, particularly on the percussive end of things, Soren & Soren have come up with the band's rockiest album to date. Indeed, this record is a grim, destructive force to be reckoned with - its eight tracks are macabre jolts of abrasive and grueling energy, the type of stuff that will make for any drone metal enthusiast's supreme indulgence.

Exhibit A: the rolling boulder that is "Own a Car," which submerges Leslie's creepy approximation of the "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" theme in a virulent miasma of guitar feedback and hellish percussion. Even more appalling is the wondrous odium that arises out of "Overnight," a salaciously enduring slab of almost tribal drone metal that's matched perfectly with Leslie's strangely blissful voice. These vocals reach their most accessible in the dramatically melodic closer, "Dinah," which reveals a relatively unexplored but certainly appealing side of The Goslings. Meanwhile, the album's chaotic climax is also its lengthiest composition: the completely harrowing "Haruspex." Its title a reference to the ancient Roman practice of inspecting the entrails of sacrificed animals, this thirteen minute experience is a grisly death march that matches grumbling guitarwork and mythic vocals with an ever-pulsing explosive beat. As you might expect, this wasn't designed for the faint of heart, nor the weak of mind. But intrepid listeners please note: Grandeur of Hair is another step forward for The Goslings, a band that is rapidly climbing the ladder of drone metal importance.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2007]