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"Sleeping" CDR EP


Genre: rock, hard rock

Aug 29 2008

Daringly named Invention is a rock band, although the Sleeping demo finds them intent on using the odd electronic element to spruce up their sound. That leaves them not unlike the thousands of other bands doing the same thing. Unfortunately, most of those bands make fools of themselves in the process, and fortunately, Invention ends up without egg on its face through these three demo tracks.

The best song is the opener, "Juggernaut," which starts off with a Coldplay-esque guitar/synth combo before jumping into a brooding verse replete with hoarse vocals. The chorus is not unmemorable, though it is the quiet synth/vocal bit after it that ranks as the track's most noteworthy moment. The song ends with a strange little aside that sounds like a bridge, although it goes on for too long and would have sounded more purposeful had it been followed by a monster chorus. Slower "Period Film" crosses a Nine Inch Nails calibre electronic rhythm section with a more delicate pop presence from the guitar and vocals, which works remarkably well but leaves the song moderately disjointed. The album saves its best synth bit for the beginning of the last track, which then makes the switch to dark and moody hard rock. The result sounds remarkably radio-ready in a Marilyn Manson sort of way, though the combination of heavy guitar and pounding electronic rhythm can get a bit tiresome over repeated listens.

Overall, the Sleeping demo is an intriguing dose of electronic-heavy hard rock from Invention. I am not certain how well this formula will extend over the band's upcoming full-length, but the songwriting on this disc suggests they have the capacity to put together some decent songs.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, released 2008]