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"Obligatory Self-Titled Debut Release" CD

Smell The Stench

Genre: industrial, noise, powernoise

Aug 11 2008

Despite Necroanal's morbid angle, there is something undeniably funny about them. Perhaps it's the title of this album, or the band's name itself for that matter. Perhaps its the satirical grindcore-esque titles to this album's "songs" (personal favourites: "The Ol' Vibrating Rubber Vagina/Meat Grinder Switcheroo," "Ten Years of Yoga, Seven Ribs Removed, One Stomach Staple, and I Still Can't Rim Myself.") Perhaps it's the fact that they explicitly state that tracks 20 and 21 are extras, despite a lack of anything distinct or distinguishable about them. I'm not certain exactly what makes me chuckle about the curious entity that is Necroanal, but I do know that their brand of noisy rhythmic industrial music rules pretty hard.

The Necroanal formula is relatively simple: insert rhythm loop, drench with feedback noise, throw in some samples (pseudo-melodic or not) and watch the fun. Obligatory... is not far off from the powernoise genre, although it has a more primitive sound than genre staples Noisex or Tarmvred. Particularly fun is the freeform chaos of "Head Cheese and Moutain Oysters" and the pure power behind "Ghetto Prostate Cancer Prevention." And "this song sucks, i mean it!" is also worthy of note for its unrelenting brutalization of a childish dinky pop melody.

Noiseheads look out: this hefty release comes by way of Australian label Smell the Stench, who have made it freely available in zip format from their website (it is release no. 10 from their internet label catalogue.)

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 21 tracks, distributed by the label]