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Me You Us Them

"EP-blue" EP

Triple Down

Genre: indie rock, noise rock

New York City, NY

Dec 7, 2008

Combining the messy grit of Archers of Loaf with a well-executed melodic sensibility, New York’s Me You Us Them has crafted a memorable debut with EP-Blue. Apparently part of a trilogy of similar records, this disc comes packaged in a hand-stamped paper bag, lending a DIY feel to the proceedings.

It’s hard to believe all this noise emanates from just two guys - guitarist/singer Ryan Reesey and bassist/laptopist Ian Ljunquist. The EP attacks right off the bat with raucous “Iron Tongue,” a slathering cutlet of White Trash Heroes era Archers of Loaf. The slamming walls of guitar and the machine-gun drums are the main attraction here, but Reesey’s slick vocals enunciate the Rob Crow-esque chorus formidably. The off-kilter guitars of early AoL, meanwhile, pervade “I’ll Pick Up Your Problems at the Baggage Claim,” building a pretty little noise-rock song; sadly, the vocals seemed a little drowned by the rest of the instruments, but this doesn’t ruin an already solid song. Last in line on this too-brief EP is the more experimental “Me You Us Them,” which is a fun bit of momentum but a bit shy on the melodic front. These guys may not yet have the lasting power of Archers of Loaf at their peak, but they kick a lot more ass than most rock bands around these days.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]