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DJ Shitbird / Revenge SF

"Welcome to the Party" CDEP

Narnack Records

Genres: party, electroclash

Narnack Records
381 Broadway
Fourth Floor
NY, NY 10013

Sep 6 - 12 2004

This type of music has only one goal in mind - to produce (or assist the production of) fun.  It is party music, plain and simple - and it sounds something like a ridiculous petting zoo carnival sent through a 1980s Apple computer.  Not everyone's cup of tea, for sure, but a must for those who crave the hot, sweaty body pile-up of a exo-suburban houseparty.  You know who you are.

After you spend a greater part of this sixteen-track split-EP trying to figure out which songs are where and what bands are responsible for them, you'll begin to notice that Welcome to the Party is not a traditional rock record.  Call it electroclash or techno-rock or party rock or whatever, it's basically a big panoply of energetic beats, cutting-floor melodies, ridiculous vocals, and gushing absurdity.

Deceptively, the first half of this disc contains the evildoings of Revenge SF, a San Francisco supergroup featuring members of Coachwhips, Numbers, and A-Tension.  It is a surprisingly polished (through gritty) sound, featuring the loudest beats and the most over-the-top compositions on the record.  The short (typically under two minute) compositions come at you like a teenage boy with no sense of romance.  As far as electroclash goes, this is the good stuff.

The second "half" of Welcome to the Party features five tunes from DJ Shitbird, another supergroup with members of The Lowdown, Comets on Fire, Big Techno Werewolves, as well as lead singer Kristy Geschwandtner, who bizarrely pretends (?) to be an eight year-old girl.  Their songs are more lo-fi, with a bit more tape fuzz and a less intrusive sound.  Tunes like "Party Bomb" (with a catchy electronic part) and the self-explanatory "Elephant Dance" are cute and somewhat entertaining, but probably won't last more than a few listens.  Besides, this stuff is always better live.

Welcome to the Party is a fine artifact of a very bizarre, specialist genre.  The enthusiasm of DJ Shitbird and Revenge SF is infectious, and works well for party blasting, but its lasting power - like the aforementioned teenage boy's - is pretty limited.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]