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"What the Buzzing" CD

Drigh Records

Genres: space rock, neo-psychedelia

Drigh Records
PO Box 20611
Columbus, OH
43220 USA

Sep 30 - Oct 6 2002

Oh my! I wasn't expecting much from Floorian. Ninety-nine percent of the time, self-released debut albums simply suck ass. Major ass. But heck, What The Buzzing managed to prove my prejudiced theories wrong - and embarass my fragile ego, as well.

Floorian is a self-described "hypno drone space vibrations" band that, well, don't exactly sound like a "hypno drone space vibrations" band. You see, Floorian is not droney at all. In fact, this album spends a considerable amount of its duration rocking out. It's perhaps better described as psychedelic space rock, falling somewhere in the midst of Pink Floyd, Mogwai, and the noisy side of Sebadoh.

While some songs ("Lenka," "Auravine") are predominately atmospheric and soundscapey, the focus rests on a strong rock and pop influence that Floorian pulls off wonderfully. "Or So They Say," for example, sounds like a cross between Sebadoh and Archers of Loaf, except with a spacier, ground-lifting feeling to it. "Symptoms Alone", meanwhile, is a draining, nine-minute epic of intergalactic folk-rock, like what you'd get if you shot Yo La Tengo even further into the depths of space. "Auravine," meanwhile, focuses more on drones, making great use of a waivering bassline, a sparse beat, and some echoing, atmospheric sounds in the background. While certainly different from the more accessible material, it is a nice, airy composition.

Altogether, Floorian have done a great job with What the Buzzing. Filled with amazing solos, galactic atmospheres, and catchy, all-enveloping bouts of rock, this is already one of the best psychedelic records of the year.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 53 min 59 sec; 8 tracks; distributed by CD Baby; released 2002]