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"Midnight Black Indulgence" CD


Genre: electronic, minimal house

May 2007

something i noticed with frivolous' midnight black indulgence: it needs good speakers. i guess this is true for any quality music, but this record is all about the nuances. frivolous lays down some really gnarly tracks here, balancing beat and melody perfectly, but headphones are really ideal to pick up every little click and cut in each song. out on stefan betke's ~scape label, this features some truly inspired electronic pieces - "me and my social anxiety" and "goodbye regrets" are truly the best of the more danceable tracks; the latter wouldn't sound out of place in plaid's discography. while lengthy anti-hipster diatribe-cum-dance-track "sooo savey" is a bit stale, moving "high on the plateau" and "perle moon" make up for it. and the inclusion of intergalactic lounge crooner anthems "the long way..." (amazing) and "you gotta sing" even out this strange record perfectly. my word of advice: take this frivolous trip, and play it loud.

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coxwell balaban

[Vitals: 11 tracks, 40:59, distributed by the label, released 2007]