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Boy Is Fiction

Self-titled CD

List Records

Genre: electronic, ambient

June 2008

This sounds more like a movie score than a standalone record. Australia-based Boy Is Fiction's ambient electronic style relies heavily on longing piano keys and shifting synth chords. There are similarities to Kettel's Volleyed Iron release, as well as some Donato Wharton material, but overall this seems more conventional and less glitchy. I would place it somewhere close to the Ad Noiseam roster's area of expertise.

To single out individual tracks on this self-titled album is a useless exercise, as these pieces all seem to come together to form one evocative whole. Boy Is Fiction's melodic sense is refined; although there are no vocals on this disc, you are never left wanting a tune to catch onto. The predominant aspect of this release is undoubtedly the atmosphere; the rhythms are nothing new or exciting, and are used mainly to set the energy level. Even at the drums' most overt moments, on "Glue/Let Me Think" and "Say Ah," for example, they are used to produce the tracks' climaxes and are hardly groundbreaking on their own.

Boy Is Fiction has produced a strong debut here, something that, much like Biosphere's discography, operates best as bedtime listening. While the more aggressive moments on this release might counteract the sleep cycle, it is apparent that a dark, quiet atmosphere is ideal for playing this record.

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Fun Fact: This album was originally self-released in 2006 before getting reissued by List Records.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, 49:02, distributed by the label, July 2007]