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Goalkeeper Wanted

"Mouthful of Cherries" CD

Void of Ovals

Genre: improv, free jazz, experimental

June 2008

From the free jazz end of things comes this dark and decisive record from Goalkeeper Wanted. Mouthful of Cherries is fifteen minutes of improvised, noisy music. Not noise, but noisy. The main culprits of mayhem here are percussion, bass, and guitar I think, with some electronic elements thrown in and probably some other stuff too. This sounds like a live performance and has a very "open room" vibe, but is recorded very well for such an inaccessible work of music. I'm quite fond of this record, which despite its abstract tone is actually surprisingly rewarding. Think industrial machines spontaneously coming alive in an abandoned building, sending dust into the air as rusted, rickety parts spring into action for the first time in decades. Oh yeah, and play it loud.

goalkeeper wanted's myspace


Fun Fact: Curiously, this came up in ITunes for me as Tela's "The World Ain't Enuff (Street Mix)," whatever that is. How appropriate.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 1 track, 15:19, released 2007]