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Nattavaara Rocks

"Linger Through a Winter" CDR EP


Genre: post-rock, rock

June 2008

A pretty if understated package makes way for a pretty if understated collection of songs. Created under the inward-looking eye of Swedish Nattavaara Rocks, the four-song Linger Through a Winter EP apparently took a year and fifty song snippets to complete - pretty massive prep work for a fifteen minute opus.

This dragging, droney folk-pop record is reminiscent of city winter times and lonely bedroom dwellers. There is a certain Red House Painters vibe in the plodding song structure and Americana-tinged, unpolished vocals, though the latter also remind me of Pinetop Seven. Often the songs drag, but it is the winding and ethereal nature of the sounds that gives this record a distinct quality; still, this can be off-putting at first, and requires acclimatization. The most straightforward pop song, "Linger Through a Winter," and the simplistic yet very pretty "Instrumental No. 4" are the best tracks on here, while the others seem to collapse in on their own introspection and dreariness (the vocals, also, need to be higher in the mix). Next time around, Nattavaara Rocks needs to make his songs a bit crisper and more overtly melodic - or, alternatively, explore the dronier, layered aspects of his music in more depth ("Pillow the Wild" being the basic template). As it is, this is a decent demo but a bit half-baked for a real release.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2007]