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Promonium Jesters

"Your Face" CDR

P in a Circle Records

Genre: experimental, industrial, electronic

January 2008

Not far from Indieville HQ, these Uxbridge, Ontario weirdos create industrial electronic music heavy in aggression, but interspersed with moments of contemplation. It works some of the time, though sometimes turns out stale and amateur. A fine line.

Things start with "The Terrorist In My Bed" and "1/infinity," two angry, supertempo romps with strong Nine Inch Nails feels. Unfortunately, this formula also falters sometimes ("Heavy," "Impermanence"). Overall, the most interesting and enjoyable work on this disc is the sixteen minute sixth track, a lengthy electronic excursion that exudes a bit of post-rock here and there. Meanwhile, "" is notable due to its digigrind beats, and "Scrub Your Eyes" has nice touches of melodic, post-rocky goodness. This music might be better in a loud, live context, though for industrial electronic enthusiasts, this should garner some smiles (or fierce scowls, whichever is better). For the average adventurous listener, it's the more accessible tracks (contained mostly on the second half of the disc) that are most appealing.

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Fun Fact: In addition noise stalwarts Merzbow and Knurl, and even current indie darlings Tokyo Police Club, Promonium Jesters have - on one fabled occasion - shared the stage with Three Days Grace. Hoorah!

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, 67:39, distributed by the band, released 2007]