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Benji Cossa

"Between the Blue and the Green" CD

Serious Business Records

Genre: lo-fi, folk, folk-pop

July 11 2008

This warm and varied lo-fi folk/pop offering is the second album from talented singer/songwriter Benji Cossa, who knows his way around a pop song and has a magnificent voice to boot. These thirteen songs sound like they were fun to create, and they certainly are a joy to take in. The entire album has a folky vibe, although the songs are fairly eclectic - due no doubt in part to their being recorded over multiple home sessions with variable casts of supporting musicians. Cossa at times sounds like a classy lounge crooner ("Five More Minutes Alone (Time Bomb)", "Time for a Change"), at times like an outsider folkhound with a falsetto that would make Akron Family proud ("Sunday," "Tonight"), and at times like a pure pop artiste ("Play the Bay," "Streets to Streams"). And there are even nods to the Starbucks easy-folk crowd ("The Show is Over Everywhere," "Time for a Change"), although Cossa maintains his artistic integrity via his loose, unconventional delivery.

As it stands, this album's undeniable warmth and melodic nature places it in an interesting position. In light of recent outsider folk successes as Devendra Banhart and Akron Family, Between the Blue sits right at the cutting edge of a hip young genre. However, its songs' simple infectiousness lends it an appeal that could exert its effects on just about any listener with a musical curiosity transcending the Top 40. The question, then, is such: who wouldn't like this?

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