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Everything's Gone Green

"Hiding in the Light" CDEP


Genre: indie pop, lo-fi, indie rock

July 24 2008

Everything's Gone Green (or EGG) is a lo-fi indie pop band out of Texas who record melodic little nuggets tinged with a distinct shoegaze influence. This comes out in the feedback sways of the Kinks-meets-Yo La Tengo "The Longest Springtime" and the echoing vocals and synths of "When We See Beyond the Tracks." Relatively surprising from such an obscure release, EGG do a lot of things right. They operate well under their obvious monetary limitations, managaing decent atmopsherics and and compositional complexity without sounding garbled and trashy.

While opener "Sentimental Radio" is a tad bland melodically despite its ambitious horn section, beautifully spacey "Cosmic Life" (ditto to Yo La Tengo reference) and momentous "Hiding in the Light" (think My Bloody Valentine meets Joy Division and some Prozac) offer us a glimpse of EGG at their best. And that isn't to neglect more conventional indie popper "Melodies Have a Shelf Life" and Modest Mouse influenced "The Stone the Builder Refused." All in all, Hiding in the Light is a terrific lo-fi EP from a band I'd really like to hear more from.

EGG's myspace


youuuuuuuutube!: TALB live

Fun Fact: The band's name comes from the title of the first New Order single to contain computer-generated sounds. (Wikipedia)

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released 2008]