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The Quit

"Minus Tide" CD

Tindrum Records

Genre: indie rock, indie pop

July 7 2008

Seattle's The Quit has only been around for two-and-a-half years, but Minus Tide is a polished pop record that only partly benefits from the practiced hand of Arcade Fire producer Scott Colburn. These four misfits have no delusions about rewriting any books with this ten-song album, but they utilize a modern, crisp sound that manages tautness but maintains a certain laidback air.

Lead single "Manchester" perfectly epitomizes their sound - a catchy chorus caps off a juicy pop tune filled with guitar hooks and a crisp, stomping rhythm section. Fiery "This Time" is a zippy rocker in the vein of The Killers and The Strokes, and "Black Jacket" complements chiming guitars and Julian Casablancas-esque vocals with effective, melodic songwriting. Meanwhile, the brooding and ebbing "Mis-En-Scene" offers a glimpse at The Quit's musical depth, serving as an intriguingly dark conclusion to a fairly pop-based record. The band's formula isn't foolproof, however - "Ghosts" has a jumpy rhythm but is dry melodically, and "Seven" has hooks but dilutes them over its unnecessary six-minute duration. Fortunately, the album's high points manage to tower over its more trying moments, making for an impressively solid debut album from this young quartet. Time will tell where they go from here.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released 2008]