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Reverse Mouth

"A Child, A Dwarf, A Sickness" CDR


Genre: experimental, drone, noise

July 29 2008

Reverse Mouth perform experimental atmospherics that combine electronic and organic components, resulting in shapeless drones accompanied by varying clicks and clatters. Opener "Comet Camel" is a fine example - an electric hum pads a foreground of arcade-game pulses and metallic objects being manually manipulated. Although on par with noise releases, A Child, A Dwarf, A Sickness is far less abrasive, making for a listenable and hypnotic avant-garde experience. I see this as the soundtrack to a low-budget horror film that spends is entirety in an extended dream sequence. The centerpiece of this industrially designed silkscreened CDR is "Chill Out With the Jamaican Husband of Margot Tenenbaum," whose mouthful of a title betrays its extended, mesmerizing drone. Although noxious to the impatient, its semi-organic, semi-mechanical hum has an unarguable beauty to it that will dawn on the more open-minded ear - it lowers you into its abyss, descending through its sepulchral depths like a decrepit metal box of an elevator scraping against the archaic walls of its chasm. An engaging experience in industrial experimental soundscapery.

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youuuuuuuutube!: live footage

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, 27:16, limited to 90 copies, distributed by the label]